Our Sustainability Policy

We provide quality products and services to our customers, safely with due regard to the environmental impact of our activities. We work towards business excellence while constantly striving for the right balance between Customer, Performance, People and Planet





  • Water and Wastewater

    • Committed with World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) for Water, Sanitation & Hand Washing Pledge Initiative
    • Eco-dosing equipment to optimise product and water use at Customer End
    • Investment in upgrading facilities to a state of the art waste water treatment plant
    • Products formulated to have least impact on Environment, Health & safety
    • Supply of Ozone disinfecting technology to decrease chemical disinfection of vegetables and fruits and risks of chemical residues.
  • Energy and climate

    • Use of renewable energy in manufacture of our products
    • Source of cleaning aids which have been manufactured using solar energy
    • Large range of Products formulated to reduce energy impact during use by end user
    • Planting of endemic trees for on-site landscaping to promote biodiversity and reduce carbon footprint
  • Social Progress

    To contribute to social progress, Archemics promotes stakeholder engagement where its activities have an impact, namely but not limited to: Government, suppliers, employee representatives, consumers and customers, NGOs and local communities, industry associations.

    Some of the areas Archemics focuses on are:

    • Corporate Volunteering and community engagement
    • Training of workforce in customer service
    • Employee welfare, Literacy programme
  • Performance

    Archemics is ISO 9001:2008 certified

    Continuously Improving our performance through our Customer service Excellence
    Invests heavily to improve its logistics and supply chain performance
    Embraces Lean principles and 5 S principles to improve operational efficiency

    Invest in its employees in terms of:

    • management development programme
    • customer service for its frontliners
    • constant technical training to meet and anticipate market requirements  
  • Materials and Wastes

    • Collection, Recycling & Reuse of plastic containers, batteries and IT wastes
    • Recycling and upcycling  of pallets into creative and useful furniture 
    • Working with responsible stakeholders along the supply chain to sort and recycle solid wastes such as plastic, paper, metal etc.
    • Sourcing of Cleaning Equipment made from recycled materials where possible
    • Embracing and Supplying technology application to decrease solid wastes along the supply chain 
  • Health and safety

    At Archemics, we believe that the relationship we build with our customers is amongst our critical success factors. To that end Archemics invests a lot in training, development, health & safety and welfare of our employees as happy employees will makes happy customers.

    We are OHSAS 18001 certified.
    We provide handling & safety training, SDT & TDS to our customers
    We provide adequate signage to ensure safe use of our products to customers