Developed with dental scientists, Laboratories Vademecum offer a complete dental protection combining science and nature. Mainly marketed in France and central Europe Vademecum is Henkel´s only toothpaste brand especially developed to enhance the properties of natural ingredients for healthy teeth and gums with efficient and active protection.

Launched in Sweden in 1897, Vademecum Toothpaste is now Henkel’s oldest oral care brand. Since 1950 this toothpaste has been available to customers in Western Europe. Due to its big success, Vademecum entered the Central and Eastern European market in 1994.

Vademecum scientists use the latest innovation in combination with the best of nature to create an optimal tooth care system. Well known, nature-active substances like thyme, sage, mint and chamomile in combination with medically important minerals like calcium, magnesium and fluoride are essentials of our toothpastes. 

The Vademecum product range offers protection and care for every needs, like freshness, effective care for sensitive teeth, or gentle tooth whitening.